Isle de Jean Charles { 220 images } Created 20 Dec 2014

Isle de Jean Charles across the way from Point-au-Chien LA. The island is outside the States master plan for coastal restoration and are in danger of coastal erosion. Here are some of my reports on the area: Latest Gulf Storm Brings Tough Choices for Residents of Disappearing Isle de Jean Charles
Critics Say Louisiana ‘Highjacked’ Climate Resettlement Plan for Isle de Jean Charles Tribe Louisiana and Isle de Jean Charles Tribe Seek to Resolve Differing Visions for Resettling ‘Climate Refugees’
Isle de Jean Charles Tribe Turns Down Funds to Relocate First US 'Climate Refugees’ as Louisiana Buys Land Anyway
The True Story Behind the Set of “Beasts of the Southern Wild”
Capturing the Southern Wild Before It Disappears
Climate Change Threatens Louisiana’s Isle de Jean Charles, But Doesn’t Dampen Holiday Cheer
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